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Car Rental in US


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Question to my friends across the pond. 
We’re off to NY/NJ next month - flying in and out of Newark. 

Any rental companies to avoid? Majority of them we have over here, but 2 that keep coming up on the searches are Alamo and Dollar. Are they any good? 

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Can you not go the top gear route and buy one for the price of renting 🤣 or are those days over in the US? 


(Sorry for the not at all helpful reply) 

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I’m sorted now. I went through British Airways and got a discount. 

I will be driving a Ford Expedition or similar 😎 

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49 minutes ago, Beez said:

Expedition is one big mo fo. Most of @Lanns family will fit in one.

There’s 4 of us and my friends Adam & Pete are incapable of packing light! 

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Hertz don't touch that company with a long stick, they constantly rent people cars and then report the car stolen, but if your adventurous type good luck renting from them you car jacker. 

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