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Hi all at Domestic Battery. Ended up on the site via GTA Forums as I'm looking for an active crew to play GTA Online with. I'm 27 from the UK. I'm on PS5 and have played GTA Online since day one release all them years ago (With gaps inbetween depending on whats happening IRL). What I enjoy doing in GTA Online is collecting cars and racing. Racing and driving are definitely what I'm strongest at but I can also hold my own in a fight (In GTA of course). I've access to all the businesses and enjoy completing the various heists. Just reached LVL200 after the Los Santos Tuners update (Which has been a quality update for those interested in cars). Looking forward to joining the crew (If accepted) and meeting some new people in GTA!

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Welcome! You came to the right place.

I could not find you on Rockstars Socialclub, whats your name on there? Please make sure your profile is set to public, we simply want to see that your not on a modded account.



A short summary of the vetting.

The Vetting Process
We have the vetting process in order to make sure we get quality, fun members. You don't have to be an all star player, racer, shooter, etc.....your level doesn't matter to us. We want good attitudes and mature players.

Our vetting process is a minimum 2 week period from the time you join the crew that will end on the Wednesday following your 2 week start date.

Your vetting may be extended by request due to real life issues (school, work, internet issues, etc..) provided you notify a staff member before your time is up.

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@LJudson18are you around? I noticed you left the crew on Social club and i just want to check if we should get going on your vetting or if you changed your mind about joining.

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