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Kicked From Jobs

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Since the Tuner DLC I've been getting kicked from jobs so frequently that it's getting to be a joke.

I've been playing GTAO since launch and have only been kicked for being too low level when restarting on my current/second chatacter. Now I'm for the first time finding that even at level 482 (which Im sure most of you would agree is quite low) I'm at least double the level of any random I happen to join, and I'm being kicked so frequently that I feel I'd be better off making a third character just to able to play.

I dont think theres anything I can do about it other than make a new character which I refuse to do, but Im curious to know if any of you have experienced the same thing since the DLC? Or even if its been happening to you FREQUENTLY prior to the DLC.

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I am knocking on the door of 1000 and rarely get kicked when racing with ransoms. I was kicked once yesterday but I did quite a few races with randoms. It might be because you need a top3 finish 3 days in a row to win the free car. I plan to try for that today. 

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I use on-call often and get kicked a lot more when it's 2 or 3x$. Doesn't surprise me anymore.

Hasn't happened with the tuners yet. I guess people want the wins by any means necessary.

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Rare that I ever get kicked.  I will normally see the race go from customs to non custom though. 

If I’m racing to increase my wins or collect money on 2 x event weeks I will sometimes kick any on calls with high rank or troll names. Have been doing this so long though that I can normally spot the racers that I don’t want in the race by their crew tag. 

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