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Another one....


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Hi all!

After hours, no weeks, ehm.... no I'm sure it was more like months my friends (Schumi and Myst) finally convinced me to trade in my good old trusty Xbox for a PS. Luck has it that I just managed to pick up the latest one and I started from scratch again in GTAO last week. Schumi has told me a lot about the Domestic Battery-crew and I would like join! I also live in the Netherlands (hence Another one...). I'm 35 years old.

For the most time I look for silly stuff to do in GTAO. A recommendation is to pick up 10+ city busses and jump over them using a ramp buggy and a sasquatch doing a full barrel roll. But I also like to help out other people (randomly) in whatever they are doing as a CEO or MCP. And of course racing, heisting and other jokes. I am part of another crew (HOBO) that is made by one of my friends on Xbox. I don't plan on using that much anymore because I switched over and I'm looking for new people to enjoy the greatness of GTAO.


(or for Schumi Mr. Torgiano).

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A short summary of the vetting.

The Vetting Process
We have the vetting process in order to make sure we get quality, fun members. You don't have to be an all star player, racer, shooter, etc.....your level doesn't matter to us. We want good attitudes and mature players.

Our vetting process is a minimum 2 week period from the time you join the crew that will end on the Wednesday following your 2 week start date.

Your vetting may be extended by request due to real life issues (school, work, internet issues, etc..) provided you notify a staff member before your time is up.


Your vetting starts now.

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Thanks for joining last night, good fun. I see you got the invite on R* social club as well. 

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On 7/10/2021 at 3:31 PM, Torgiano said:

Ok, thanks! Started of with a great playlist! Cheers for the fun evening all!

Welcome!  Your vetting date is August 3rd! Try to take part in as many crew events between now and then as possible.  There is a playlist today:


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