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The Ingenious, Themeless, Seamless, Playlist. Wednesday 7th April. 8pm

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Come join us this Wednesday 7th for The Ingenious Themeless Seamless Playlist.

Or if we want to give it a shorter name it would be great if someone came with an acronym.

There will be a variety of races scavenged and scraped deep from the bowels of my bookmarks, There'll be some tried and tested favourites and there'll be some I've briefly played with randoms over the last few years and hit L1 to bookmark, sometimes by accident.

Amongst some classic race tracks old and new there willl also be.....

A mountain tme trial in Monster Trucks

A Tomb Raideresque platform game  in Pantos

Almost certainly American Grand Park

A weird recreation of Pearll Harbour which I stumbled across with some Italians and really enjoyed.

Some Go Karts.

Other stuff I'll dig out between now and then.

A reasonably average Wednesday nights entertainment is guaranteed so sign up below!





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