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I've got little more than GTA$30.000.000 and no Businesses. Which Should I Acquire First?

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Howdy all.

Title pretty much sums it all. Cannot recall exactly if I've got GTA$33.000.000 or less, but I think the question is still valid. I know it's not a lot of GTA$, so I'd like to spend them wisely. This means, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each recommended Business.

Knowing I almost exclusively play alone, so I don't risk any earnings. Wanna know then, which are the best Businesses to run if playing that way. I also heard Daily Fees are a headache for almost everyone, and since I only got GTA$30.000.000, I may run out of GTA$ easily, but don't know up to which  point Fees are a serious problem.

I acquire every option when I purchase anything, so I wanna know which options for recommended Businesses can be overlooked until I get more GTA$.

I also got tempted to farm The Cayo Perico Heist, since it seems way easier than run a couple of Businesses, and you just need the Kosatka and GTA$25.000 to re-play it. Then, I can make up my mind when I make more GTA$.

Thanks for reading.

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Unless your trying to upgrade specific vehicles that are linked to certain businesses The Cayo Perico Heist is the most effective way to earn money solo, $1.4M every hr or so.

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I certainly recommend you search You Tube as it will be your best source as you can see how each business works and what the grind for each is like, for example, if you hate airplanes, don’t buy the Hangar Biz. 
Also at this point, what Smurf said is best, look into the business if you are really really bored, because the Perico heist really makes the business obsolete. Why accumulate goods for the businesses when you can make just as much money with the Perico heist. Now say you want some excitement in your life, then yes, go for the business. My recommendation is the Import/Export and Crates. 
Now I will add that when the businesses are paying double on Sale missions, then that is when it’s better than Cayo. So in closing my opinion is:

Buy a business if you are bored of the Cayo Perico. Or want to own a business like the crates so you can have them ready for sale on the double cash events. 

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