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New crew upload! To join Black River PMC please message me and i will get to you


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Hello, dear viewer, we are Black River Private Military Corporation, Founded on July 4th, 2019 we are everything American as can be. What is Black River PMC or BRPM? We are a realistic and fun Private Military roleplay,milsim and PVP crew. We try to be different and unique whilst still giving you the skills, knowledge, discipline and experience you would get in real Private Military Contracting. Our work mainly consist of standard resupply and sell missions on GTA. But we can do much more entertaining and realistic jobs such as player made contracts, military patrols, Milsim's, and Operations. We have great team and are active 24/7 we also can offer you a realistic experience you wont find anywhere else. We are based off Merryweather and Blackwater. We are an IAA founded PMC that works to take down criminals and gangs however we are allowed to kill military and police officers if need be. Offerings include 5 departments Army, Reconnaissance (Agency), Air, Navy and Special Operations Department (note every dept has their own unique spec ops). Also please note dear viewer you do not have to have past experience, a good K.D or be high level to join us. To join or seek further information please message and add Brendanassassin1#3556 on discord or Brendanassassin1 on ps4 and for a direct discord link to the server https://discord.gg/JbZZR37 also our newest trailer https://youtu.be/QQbkcDJCDZQ
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