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Which Weapon(s) Should You Attach a Suppressor On?


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Howdy all, first time poster here.

Basically what the title says. I saw varied views about that. Some say a Pistol with a Suppressor is enough, while others say you need both a Pistol and a Sniper Rifle, and others even say it's advisable to have at least one Weapon with a Suppressor in each category where available. AFAIK, the benefits of using Suppressors on Weapons are that you aren't wanted by the Police as early as you would without them; you're prepared to deal with Mission stealthily (something advisable on some of them, since they become way easier to complete); and, and only if you enjoy Deathmatches, that you don't appear on the Radar.

AFAIK, there are people who recommend just using semi-automatic Weapons, since they provide no risk of overshooting (following shots after the one which kills the enemy may hit walls and alerts other enemies). I haven't yet upgraded my desired Weapons to Mk II, but I'm planning to use the Pistol Mk II (for stealth gameplay, with Hollow Point Rounds), SMG Mk II (as a Drive-by Weapon, but heard it's also good for stealth gameplay; don't know if this is true), Carbine Rifle Mk II (for stealth gameplay, but may change my mind if it's advisable to only use semi-automatic Weapons for such cases), Bullpup Rifle Mk II (as an unsuppressed Weapon, for general killing, but may not use it if I find the suppressed Carbine Rifle Mk II is enough for this role), Heavy Sniper Mk II (I thought using the Explosive Rounds at first, but it seems it's pretty good with the Default Rounds and the Suppressor), Marksman Rifle Mk II (meant to be used as a DMR, with the Large Scope, and a Suppressor, for mid-to-close-to-far range combat), and the Assault Shotgun (with the Suppressor, because it seems there aren't any drawbacks of using it). What would you advise me to change on my picks? I made those choices based on the now-general knowledge that Suppressors don't hinder Weapons' performance at all, but only provide the benefits mentioned in the first paragraph. I also heard Muzzle Brakes are pretty good choice, but I don't know if they overshadow Suppressors, and their benefit of always be ready for stealthy situations/Deathmatches/getting less attention by the Police.

I was also toying with the idea of using both, the Combat Shotgun (with a Suppressor), and the Sniper Rifle (the one you unlock at Rank 21), with a Suppressor, of course. Guided a little bit the concept of having at least one Weapon to be ready for stealth, I thought having the Combat Shotgun suppressed, knowing it's semi-automatic, and since its spread seems to be less than the other shotguns', I though it may be a good choice, but I'm a little concerned its spread may let some pellets hit walls, alerting enemy NPCs. Is using Shotguns for stealth advisable in the first place? I'm saying it because I'm also tempted to ask if using the Pump Shotgun Mk II (with a Suppressor), and another type of Rounds (obviously not Explosive Rounds) is worth for the stealth role. I'm not that much into fighting other Players, unless provoked (and being really mad at him/her), so I want to know if just limiting it to Explosive Slugs is just that good, despite I'm not that much of a vengeful Player.

As for the Sniper Rifle with the Suppressor, I was told it was good enough as a headshots-only Weapon for lange-range needs, but I'm looking for a general use Sniper Rifle that can use a Suppressor, which obviously, also would double as a stealth Weapon. So far, the Heavy Sniper Mk II fits the bill, although that'd mean giving up Explosive Rounds. What would you advise? To just use that Weapon with Explosive Rounds, or as general use Sniper Rifle plus Suppressor (and if so, with which Rounds)? I heard the Heavy Sniper is really good with the Explosive Rounds, and that I should use my Marksman Rifle Mk II as a backup Sniper Rifle (with the Zoom Scope). I'm a PC user, so I don't get Aim Assist, but I'd really want to use it as mid-to-close-to-far range Weapon, with the Large Scope. What would you advise me to do?

I also wanna know if using the Assault SMG with the Suppressor is advised. So far that I'm using it, it seems to deal good Damage (and IIRC, there's no Damage drop-off at far distances), and it pretty much that's it. I'm only using it to have at least a dedicated SMG for ground combat, but I don't know if it's useful for something else that I'm not aware of. Also, I'd like to know if the SMG Mk II could replace it for the Stealth role if I decided to use the Machine Pistol for Drive-bys, and if so, which Attachments/Rounds should it need?

Sorry for the long Post, but cannot make a TL;DR, since there are many important questions throughout it to just make one.

Thanks for reading.

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I keep one on a pistol, first sniper rifle, and an auto rifle. I don't do a lot of owned weapons DMs though. 

Any SMG has bad accuracy and effective range compared to rifles, so rifle or pistol for stealth missions IMO.

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I rarely use owned weapons in jobs besides missions, and I really dont see much use for them in most missions. There are definitely some that require or are better with stealth though, so it's definitely worth being prepared.

I don't remember which pistol I have it on, but I have it on Assault SMG, Advanced Rifle, the standard Sniper Rifle as well as Marksman Rifle, and whichever shotgun is the full-auto one.

I have no idea if the pistol, SMG, and assault rifle I have it on are the best choices. They're just what I like them on. I find the minimal change in stats with it on or off to be meaningless when considering the much higher impact of lag.

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A pistol, micro SMG, assault shotgun, special carbine, regular sniper.

Out of those, I only use special carbine and assault shotgun in PvP.

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