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Weekend Ride by Ghostavelli


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Weekend Ride by Ghostavelli 


In association with r/GTAOnlineBikers subreddit.

Note: I am aware the majority of this website aren’t involved with the GTA MC Community, but you are all welcome to attend as long as you respect the rules below and join the community for the night. Read on to learn more.

Welcome to Weekend Ride, a brand new series of events held intermittently by Ghostavelli, a member of the r/GTAOnlineBikers moderator and staff team.




Are you looking for like-minded people to play with on a day off? Are you looking for fellow bikers to recruit to your MC or MCs to align with? Do you want to make GTA biker related content? 

Weekend Ride is an event that has something for everyone, whether you enjoy PvP, content making or simply riding with likeminded people. 

Not only is Weekend Ride valuable to spend some time to meet new people, it is also idea for MCs to attend to recruit and network with other players/MCs. 

Created by Ghostavelli, an experienced member of the MC community of GTA who has previously ran events, it was noticed that many seek a professional, well-run event to meet other GTA bikers. With the help of r/GTAOnlineBikers and many amazing players and members of the community, Ghostavelli has now made this event possible. 

Come along, have some fun and chill with likeminded people.


TIME: 3pm EST/8pm GMT (UK)/12pm PST Saturday the 12th of December. 


HOW TO JOIN: DM me on this, Reddit @ Ghostavelli or PSN @ Ghostavelli_ and undergo a short application process. 




- All attendees must have a general knowledge on how the MC Community works, on 1% combat etiquette and must follow all rules listed below.

- All attendees must be members of the r/GTAOnlineBikers subreddit.

- All players/MCs attending must acknowledge that other players/MCs will attend and must leave ALL issues, beef or arguments aside during the event. 

- The organiser reserves the right to refuse application or entry at any point with or without reason. 

- In combat scenarios all attendees must stick to traditional GTA 1% rules; on foot only use ARs is permitted and SMGs on bikes. All players must be in ‘Free-Aim’ and not ‘FAA’. Cheap tactics such as corner shooting or EWOing are disallowed. Bulletproof helmets and other tryhard tactics, outfits or accessories cannot be worn. 

- All attendees must dress biker and use only their motorcycle for the duration of the event.

- No killing other players unless playing a combat mode (SYG, DM etc.) 

- No background invites (inviting friends without asking first) 

- Microphones are not required but a chat will be available. Please be aware of your microphone etiquette if you decide to use one and mute your mic when you aren’t talking to stop excess noise. 


Anyone who breaks these rules is susceptible to a permanent ban from all future events. 


I hope to see you there 🤘🏽





r/GTAOnlineBikers Moderator

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