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Survive The Hunt - 18th November


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Come and join for a night of Survive the Hunt, where the aim is for the hunted to survive for a whole in-game day (~48 mins) without being shot to death and killed by the Hunters.

Starts Wednesday 18th November at 20:00. Meet at the docks.

For those that don't know, Survive The Hunt is a free roam game mode created by Youtuber Failrace, where one player is "hunted" by 10-15 other players. There is no radar, HUD or name-tags for any players.

If you want to see what I mean, follow the link below.


  • Radar, player names & the HUD must be turned off. This is to avoid cheating and to make the chase as exciting as possible.

  • All players must stay within the city limits at all times. This area is defined in the link below.


  • The hunted player has a two minute head-start on the hunters.

  • Weapons may NOT be used whilst in a vehicle. They can only be used on foot.

  • Only handguns and shotguns are allowed to be used by the Hunters (saves the Hunted being riddled with machine gun fire trying to escape a Hunter)

  • One Blimp or Microlight is allowed to be used by the Hunters. Once destroyed/stuck it cannot be used again.

  • Hunters are not allowed to use any vehicles that cannot drive into Los Santos Customs. IE. If you have to buy the vehicle to be able to use the customs shop it's banned.

  • The Hunted can pick from any naturally spawning vehicles

  • The hunted player may not camp or hide inside buildings, underground areas or in car parks. They can drive through but cannot stop. (Only exception is stopping to change vehicles)

  • Travel on foot is allowed.

Joining the Hunt so far:















@Mark Verstappen



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Premature Alexulation?

He's back ladies and gentlemen, it's like hea never been away!

4 hours ago, mulder said:

I’ve watched many of these on YouTube but never taken part in one. Count me in 👍

1 hour ago, Joyrider1 said:

I’m in, always wanted to do one of these 🙂 

You guys are in for a great time!! Looking at every NPC driver or spotting that one vehicle that seems just a “bit of” .... is so much fun. If by a miracle I can attend, I will be there. 
You never know. 

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If you have to buy the vehicle for it to go in to Los Santos Customs, its banned for the hunters. I believe that means any vehicle over $100k. 

The Hunted can use any naturally spawning vehicles.

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