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Jacob's Ladder [RSC Film Club 22]


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It's October, so it's time for a horror film, and for the second month in a row we're watching @djw180's pick, the 1990 psychological horror Jacob's Ladder.  

Jacob's Ladder | One Sheet | Movie Posters | Limited Runs

Directed by Adrian Lyne, who also bought us Flashdance, Jacob's Ladder stars Tim Robbins as a Vietnam veteran who is haunted by the horrors of war as he tries to adjust to civilian life.  This is a hallucinatory nightmare world of PTSD that Roger Ebert called a "thoroughly painful and depressing experience" and one that was "powerfully written, directed and acted."  The supporting cast includes Elizabeth Peña, Danny Aiello, Jason Alexander and, in smaller roles, Kyle Gass from Tenacious D and Macaulay Culkin.  Although it was not a huge hit when it was released, it has since become a cult classic and has influenced the likes of the Silent Hill videogame franchise and films like The Sixth Sense.  Another Film Club film that I have yet to experience but am looking forward to doing so.

according to this, you're already dead.

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I vaguely remember this film as obviously I must have watched it during Blockbuster and Chill back in the day. That was before I knew what a cinematographer was, so I look forward to revisiting it plus that's my man, Andy Dufresne and all. 

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