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This upcoming Sunday we're going to worship the best cars in the game, as it's time for LITTLE GIANTS Yes, that's right, we're racing compacts. So lose some weight before Sunday, practice so

This upcoming week, we are celebrating 7th anniversary of Domestic Battery and have historical playlists held throughout the week and it will be the same for SRL as well. We will re-create what w

Results from last night: RETRO race GT1: 1. @SkyeDave in Pfister Comet Retro Custom 2. @mulder in Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic 3. @CatManDoza in Ubermacht Sentinel Classic GT2

Posted Images


Raceday! Last of the anniversary events tonight in Grapeseed.


Check that your headlights are working, put on a fresh set of tires, warm up your hands and prepare for the cramps. 😁

Don't forget, we're meeting at the You Tool megastore for a picture of participants 15-20mins before the start of the race.

1 qualifying lap, 18 laps of the actual race with 2 mandatory pitstops.

See you all around 20:45 UTC up north all dressed up in your race cars.

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4 minutes ago, zmurko said:

Of course. Everyone is welcome, room for 30. Just pick any of the listed (GT2) cars.


Cool, I'll be driving in a Banshee for Bean Machine. Might post a picture later.

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Awesome @RammsteinDUDE!

Drivers so far entering the race:


@mulder with a Xero gas Invetero Coquette

@Fido_le_muet with a RON Pfister Comet

@Lann with a Giovanni's Grotti Carbonizzare

@DavidCore89 with a Hardcore Comic Store Bravado Banshee

@Beez with a Pisswasser Ubermacht Sentinel Classic

@omarcomin71 with a Bahama Mama's Dinka Jester Classic (?)

@SkyeDave with a Auto Exotic Karin Sultan

@zmurko with a Willie's Pfister Comet

and @RammsteinDUDE with a Bean Machine Bravado Banshee

Everyone is still very much welcome, signups will be running until last minute.

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Just so there’s no question. My Jester Classic is back from the mod shop in full Bahama Mamas style. 


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  • Consigliere
33 minutes ago, RammsteinDUDE said:


I say Cappuci-YES!  We were worried you wouldn't make it but 'better latté than never'.

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Pit lane is right at the end of the lap.

Tried getting in there about 3 different ways first.

Edited by DavidCore89
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I’m going to show up in a Sentinel Classic. It has a livery but I can’t remember which one. 

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12 minutes ago, BryannosaurusRex said:

I’m going to show up in a Sentinel Classic. It has a livery but I can’t remember which one. 

I don’t think the livery matters as much as the color matching your sponsors colors. I’m still on the road. I may miss the team photo. But I’ll show up. 

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Although racing against myself for the most of the race it was fun! Got lucky in the first laps to stay out of trouble so I could create a gap, after that it was just racing with automatic pilot by not making mistakes.

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This upcoming Sunday on SRL we're going back to basics, as it's time for:


Remember 2014? Perhaps even the most popular crew car class? Remember when spoilers didn't do anything? When we didn't know or didn't care of Broughy's testing efforts? When we picked a car we liked and raced with it and it was somehow competitive? When you could steal a car off the street and upgrade it for cheap? Or when there were no stunt props, but lamp posts covered with concrete barriers or tire stacks? You don't?!

Well, let me assure you, it will all come back to you when you hop into one of these cars:

Vapid Dominator


Imponte Ruiner


Declasse Sabre Turbo


Imponte Phoenix


Bravado Gauntlet


Albany Bucaneer


Declasse Vigero


And join us on some of the old school crew tracks that include plenty of dirt roads to challenge your skills of driving an unstable overpowered muscle car against others.

Have at least one of the listed cars ready to race (as there will be at least 1 non-contact race in the PL), but you are free to have and use as many of them as you like and switch between them from race to race. Maybe even ask to borrow some if you'd like to experience them all again, but don't own them anymore.

Only requirement is that if you use a Dominator or a Ruiner, they don't have a spoiler applied to make them balanced with other cars on the list. So if you own these two cars, please remove the spoiler before the PL on Sunday.

Fun fact: Imponte Phoenix is still one of the few cars you can't buy on any of the websites, but have to steal it off the streets. Grand Theft Auto is the name of the game afterall.

I'll post the playlist in the next couple of days. (unless you want it to remain a surprise?)

See you all on Sunday!

Edited by zmurko
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I have 3 old school muscle cars including my first one, a Dominator that has the crew color from back when it was light blue.

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