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As it was said in the past, everybody has the opportunity to join STMT just sending a message to the commissioners (VALL_es, fresow, PENNYWISE_91, Vito_Wolf_28 or Marsicana) or to the leader (ShelbyGR-1). Once you join STMT, you must follow several rules.


  1. Respect crew mates. If you have any problem with a crew member, talk to the leader/commissioners.
  2. No modded accounts that involve an important advantage against other people (faster cars, god mode...). We play hard, but we play fair. Money glitches are allowed, but be careful: R* is banning some people because of this. 
  3. Crew invites (this is very important!):
    1. Invite only your close friends. We want a positive environment, we don't care about how many people are in the crew.
    2. Never accept a pending request. We, the commissioners, and the leader, Shelby, check it daily. There are lots of joining requests, so if we missed your friend just remind us that we didn't accept him/her.
    3. Keep in mind that if you invite someone, you are responsible of his/her behaviour.
  4. Any kind of discrimination/big lie involvest immediate kick. Don't be an *sshole, it's easy.


  1. No bulletproof helmets or any other stuff that can protect you head. We know there are some masks/hats which work as a bulletproof helmet, so if we see you with these clothes we'll ask you politely not to play with them. Ignorance isn't a problem, but persistance is.
  2. No off-radar.
  3. No calling Lester.
  4. No XLag: using this involves not being invited anymore.
  5. We know lag is there, GTA servers are a big sh*t. But, if you think someone doesn't have a "normal" lag, just tell the crew leader or the commissioners and we'll keep that in mind.


We don't have an specific way to play races: sometimes they are non-contact, sometimes they are GTA... Be clever and use your brain: it doesn't matter what you do in non-contact races, but in contact races there are many other people who are racing. Avoid crashing into others as much as possible. We know it's very difficult sometimes and sh*t happens, but if it does, just apologize and lend back the position if you find it necessary.


  1. Be respectful with the other crew: don't kill them in the prelobby or after the crew battle.
  2. Always play fair (follow the crew rules and everything will be okay).
  3. Don't rage quit! Even if the other team is breaking the rules, don't leave the playlist: that's a team leader decision.

We can play different kinds of crew battles (that's something that the crew leader has to talk about with the other team), but there are some fundamental pillars for us:

  1. Each crew selects half of the jobs that we'll play in the crew battle.
  2. Combat job winner: the winner of these kind of jobs is the one that gets more kills/points (depending if it's a LTS, a capture, a TDM...).
  3. Race winner: we use in-game points. Once we finish the race, we sum the points that each member scored for his/her team. The winner of these kind of jobs is the one that gets more in-game points.
  4. Main rules: described previously in "CREW RULES".
  5. Combat jobs rules: described previosuly in "COMBAT EVENT RULES". Also, we prefer to use forces+pick-ups as weapons and not to play melee deathmatches.
  6. Racing rules: described previously in "RACING RULES". We race without contact, and parkour/hard stunt/troll races are not allowed.

We think all of them are fair, but everything can be discussed. If you're interested in playing a crew battle against us, send a PM to ShelbyGR-1 in PSN, she'll be the one dealing with the negotiation.


It isn't necessary to have our crew tag active always. It isn't a crew rule, but it's appreaciated for promotions and for keeping your status in the crew

  • Representative: the easiest way to earn a promotion to representative rank is spending your time with us (participating in events, interacting with us in Twitter, streaming the events...).
  • Lieutenant: there isn't a big difference between promoting to representative and promoting to lieutenant. The only way to promote to this rank is staying active, playing regularly our events, being a positive influence and interacting in social media (SocialClub, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram...).
  • Commissioner: this is the last step. You don't only have to be active: you must be able to solve any problems that may arise, get involved in our organization/development and contribute ideas.


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