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GTA V Training Day OCD Beginners Guide

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First things first set your aiming to Free Aim in settings to gain a 19.33% increase in overall RP when killing enemies period.

1st goal is to save up to buy the "KOSATKA SUBMARINE." This is how you will be able to do the Cayo Perico Heist that will net you $1.1 to $1.7Million per roughly an hr, at any rank example from a crew member here. I suggest beaching the Submarine while doing the preparation missions to avoid long swimming seasons between each prep in an Invite Only lobby.

Look for my post here on how to make fast cash inside the Casino with 'Insider Track' game.

You dont need to buy a CEO Office to register as a CEO, as long as you have $50K in the bank your good. 🤷‍♂️ R* logic

The free roam lobby Attack Buzzard tips. 1st use the Buzzard that's in your Hanger, when its about to die find the Pegasus contact in your phone & call to request a next Buzzard from there, when that one dies use your CEO Buzzard. All while being a CEO so your broke @$$ ain't got to pay insurance, use each new Buzzard to RIP the other then call the insurance n pay $0. Wash, rinse & repeat.

When a New dlc drops play the new races to get the World Record Reward of 10,000 RP, normally this lasts 24hrs so take each lap slow just incase the R* servers so happen to save your data. Before doing the same race again check to see if your time is there, if so then just beat it. Sometimes new races release the following week so just use the same method.

Buy ammo through the menu options instead of actually going to the gun shop to save time, unless you need armour as well at the gun shop.

Weapons Recommended for your Shopping Cart would be Special, Carbine, Machine Pistol, SMG & the AP Pistol if your at the rank to buy them. Go to the Clothing Store to find a bullet proof helmet to protect yourself from the try hard savages.

The mission of choice set to hard will be "RV Nearly There Yet," it requires you owning the Buzzard Attack Helicopter I mentioned above, to complete it efficiently, & it dishes out 11k RP. Also stay in mission for 15 min to maximize RP.

There is a RV parked infront of the vehicle you're collecting, put a sticky bomb (unlocks at rank 19) on the lower left bumper detonate & drive to the nearby runway & back, all debris will despawn, hop in & drive as straight as possible staying away from main roads driving through Madrazos Ranch, then when your close to the Casino request your Chopper from menu/vehicles/ Buzzard. Go to that location. It's best to go offroad on the left soft sholder of the highway to get to chopper quickly, bypassing a concrete barrior & parking in a safe place. Get in the chopper & hover over the stables left of where the helicopter spawned, n rack up RP kills and complete the mission after 15 minutes.

I inserted a small zip ties in my controller X & left stick to keep my character running in circles to max stamina, with the PS4 button reassignment feature, the same can be done for flying just switch the R2 button to X. 

I used a Custom survival match to build stealth by killing Npc with HEAD SHOTS gaining RP to a point, using a rifle while in crouch mode.

A Purple & Black clock icon shows up on the mini map your car will under perform, as you need to unlock performance parts so borrow a friends car to do it if its maxed out.

Youtube each of the following below, also you are able to do the money challenges on a secondary characters but unfortunately there was no bonus cash:

54 Playing Cards Challenge each valued at 2000RP                    108k RP in total

50 Sigal Jammers each valued 1000RP   +  $50K.                          50k RP in total

Treasure Hunt Reward Axe $50K    +            $250k after rampage Killer spawns 7pm-5am by Sandy Shores Airfield just stand on your car on the runway to kill him.

100 Action Figure each valued at 1000RP + $150K                      100k RP in total

Solomon's 10 Movie Props                             $150K

Navy Revolver Challenge $50K + $250K after 50 NPC headshot kills

Maude take them in alive $10K each this in my opinion aint worth it but its money.

Daily Objective completion                           $30k                        5000RP in total

1 Week Objective Completion of all              $150K                       20000RP in total   

28 days of consistently completing all daily objectives 50K RP   $750K (I have heard this is the payout but never actually accomplished it.)

Spin the Lucky Wheel in the Casino once daily if you have access to it.

Once you level to where players stop kicking & stomping you out of their Heist Finale, understand that a 1st time heist finale player can receive $100K+ for completing each heist finale + the respective payout for each heist varies & there about 9+  of them, the same goes for Heist setup missions if you 'JOIN' one for the 1st time.

Leaching RP & Cash Rewards from Rockstar Social Club, especially by each Heist Finale having multiple objectives can net you $100k+ for each action in game, gain RP for stunts while flying, deathmatch kills, doing in air spins in races, escaping police, missions, being close to your CEO ....etc you will lvl your character like extremely fst with all these combination of things working simultaneously. I leveled from 1 to 96 in 2 weeks, few days later to 101 I got complacent sometime after that.

Buying a $1.5 mill penthouse & doing the Diamond Resort Missions will net you $1.1Mill & a free Progen R Armoured if your interested.

Can't teach you everything, good luck in the streets of Los Santos keep your head on the swivel.

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Also when it comes to gun buying, don't. Purchase a Facility then select renovate & go to Security Room, it will have all the basic weapons thats in the game that will also replenish ammo to full every time you leave & return to the facility, got the Mini Gun valued at ($50K) there for free. If you own a Hanger the homing launcher valued at ($74K) is on the top lvl catwalk for free, just remember to go to the gun shop to change the tints to fully save them. Melee weapons can be found in free roam, thats just a youtube search.

The Aracade comes with a Gun Work Shop after completing a Heist setup mission, so you dont need to spend money converting your Mobile Operating Center to have one.

If you own a Bunker the Gun Locker price is $175k compared to the M.C. at $320K, Kosatka $350k or the CEO Office at $520K.

Anyways i'm gone.

 denzel washington GIF

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