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Got a 2-3 spots to fill, PM me if you are interested.

Videos Moderator - key duties will be to make sure videos are posted in the correct category and meet the guidelines of the website, video comments meet the guidelines of the website and to select 3 videos each week to be the featured videos of the week.

Forum Moderator - key duties are to ensure all topics and posts meet the guidelines of the website, this may entail moving topics to the correct forum, merging 2 or more topics discussing the same thing, ensuring topics stay on topic and either steering a topic back on the topic or splitting the off topic posts into a new thread, locking or unlocking topics, settling disputes, and any other items specific to your assigned forums not mentioned here. If interested please specify with forums you are most interested in and which you are not (ALL EVENTS AND ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT ARE ALREADY ASSIGNED)


And if you reading this, not specifically a staff spot but what RSCnet needs the most is article writers, good game articles will set RSCnet out there. I am not a good writer, I am decent at website setup and management but it ends there. If you have anything to write about any game feel free to use the scratchpad forum, let me know when you are done and I will add it to our articles with credit to you.


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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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