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USWNT Equal Pay ... Yay or Nay ?


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1 hour ago, Spinnaker1981 said:

Really? You want examples of players that don´t have strong physical attributes playing in major teams? You think a woman can´t get to the level of physical strength or speed of some players in top teams? I don´t buy that, sorry but I don´t.  And you can see the world records (f.e. in speed) are not really that far behind (1s 100m, 2s in the 200m, 4s in the 400m).

There is a physical aspect to take into account, for sure, but it is not that immense gap you seem to consider.

Furthermore, there are some aspects you seem to not take into account: Agility/flexibility, ability to withstand pain. In all those aspects the woman´s body is better suited than the men´s body.

Yeah, I really think the gap is that big. Yes, there're male footballers who don't rely on their physicality but they are still elite athletes. I don't see a female getting to that level because of the difference when it comes to muscle mass, bone density, power output, etc. And yes, there're women who rank way above the average of their gender but I still don't see them reaching the physicality it takes to play in the best leagues.

Of course, men are not physically superior to women in all aspects, far from. But in the ones that matters the most when talking football, they are.

We're a probably not gonna agree on this. But if the level of the women's game continues to improve, I might be proven wrong one day. Who knows.

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