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Coronavirus Pandemic

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We have the same situation as its been for a long time. Everything open, with the exception of highschools alternating on-site and on-line, and some time restrictions on serving alcohol and people per table in bars/restaurants. 

We have per yesterday 631 807 fully vaccinated and a additional 911 607 who have got their first shot. So 1 543 414 got at least one shot, out of a population of 10 379 295. So 6% vaccinated so far, rather low for the country behind IKEA if i may say so. 

I expect to get a shot this year, but hope for the summer.

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The president said that he won't expand more time the state of alarm in May the 9th. He also said that 70% of citizens should be vaccinated before August. I don't think none of these things will happen (and tbh I think it would be a miracle if I get vaccinated before 2022). Stay safe.

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California is doing very well surprisingly.  As of last week our state had the lowest positivity rate in the nation.  I just received my second shot and my wife gets her second shot next week.  Things are looking up!

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Here, it depends on where you go. In Dallas County, most places demand a mask. Where I live, half the people have one on. I'm still seeing kids walk around outside with a mask, and people wearing one in their car. It's unsettling. 

There is no lockdown, so that's good. 

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From next wednesday the first steps will be taken to lift some restrictions:

- restaurants and pubs will reopen their terraces during the daytime. Eating/drinking inside is still not possible.

- stores will be open without appointment

-Universities will provide studenst with classes on site, at least one day a week.

- curfew ends


Very nice allthough infection rates and hospitalizations are the highest in a year or so. Off course a lot of elderly have already gotten their first vaccination. 
But still I don't really get why this would be the best moment. But lets see.

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Kinda the same here. 

Come May 3rd, we'll be able to go everywhere in the country again (currently limited to 10km).

The government wants to start reopening stuff mid-may. Restaurants will be able to reopen their terraces, but only at 1/3rd capacity. Still no for the interior spaces. 

They also want to start reopening cinemas, museums and places of culture. 

Primary schools will open next monday after a 3 weeks break. High schools and universities the week after. End of year exams are still on. 

Bars will stay closed unfortunately 😭😭😭😭 and curfew will continue for the time being. 

Like in the Netherlands, the situation is almost the worse it's ever been. Hospitals are full, even after a month of reinforced restrictions that had almost no effect on the amount of people in the ICU. 

Vaccination is slowly picking up but so far we're still trailing behind. Only 55+ yo are eligible for the vaccines, except for medical personnel. 

Confidence is still very low toward the AstraZeneca vaccine. The other day, only 50 people showed up to a vaccination centre which had 4000 doses... 

We're a long long way from normal again. 

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Florida has removed all restrictions, no one is allowed to enforce anything and everything can go back to normal. Businesses can do as they see fit but officials are hoping they will drop everything. State Surgeon General has said that people that have completed vaccinations can go without masks. We are still seeing thousands of cases per day but week to week totals are dropping.

Said I wasn't going to do it but I received my vaccination yesterday. Being a veteran I already have an immunization record half a mile long so one more won't hurt. Went with the one shot version and so far my only side effect was some chills/sweats for a couple of hours about 8 hours after the injection. Arm doesn't even hurt.

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