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FDU & Endurance Extravaganza


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GTA  -  PS4

Hosted by @Skorpion

Fun Down Under

Endurance Extravaganza
Every 4 Weeks
(Next on 23rd of May UTC)

Friday 7:30pm PDT   /   10:30pm EDT   /   Saturday 2:30am UTC   /   12:30pm AEST


No BPH, No Phone Services, No Proxies, and Clean racing.


Fun Down Under will be a mixture of events including mixed PL, Freeroam activites, and possibly other games as well.



Either 1x 30-40 minute race, or 2x 15-20 minute races.
Contact will always be on, but slipstream and catch-up will depend on the track. Tracks with a pit lane may include a mandatory pit stop, but will likely depend on the length of the race.

Either TDM or Free-for-All DM.
Forced weapons, or owned weapons (no explosives that aren't pickups) depending on the job.

I'll include an adversary mode or two as well.



Job requests/suggestions are always welcome.


View event on calendar


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I will try to make it

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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7 hours ago, Con said:

Speaking of combat...I noticed Olla really improving in that department last week.

I noticed that too. He told me last weekend that he enjoys combat more than racing because he does better, but I was actually surprised how much he'd improved last week. Almost like he's waking up to sneak in practice during the night lol

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