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This is a game changer.


Pro's Play :

Its technology is more powerful than that of a PS5.

Game Client & Sever are in the same location at the Google Data Center encypedso latency will be low. (EG. My ps4 latency is 63-85ms vs Geforce Now its 6-38ms their Game Client & Sever are in different locations hence higher ping).

No special Expensive Consoles needed, play on almost any devices (Support is coming to Nvidia Shield, though you could currently side load the app).

Play with Keyboard & mouse. Any controller even the new ps5 & Xbox Series X/S controllers if you so desire will work, if the battery dies in one just grab any other brand control & game on.

No need to buy a hugh hard drive space to install games, or having to delete a game to install a new game or hard drive upgrade, all games are in the cloud just click wait for it to load & play.

No waiting for a game's DLC to download & then install, just wait for the exact time the update will be live, log in & play. This is beneficial to Content Creators, as they might get the lion's share of Stream Views and subcribers vs the other platforms.

Crowd Play allows you to watch a youtube streamers live stream click and join them in game but its under the control of the streamer.

Stream Connect Split screen to co-op play or in a multiplayer game on a single display not limited to 2 player & or bring up some views of your teammate's positions. This would be sick in C.O.D.

Cross platform Play is fully supported by Stadia, & game saves are supported but it is in the hand of the developers.




It's Google they cancel a lot of of their products. it would be a shame if cancelled the service leaving you @$$ out.


You need 50mb connection speed. Depending on your provider you might have a data cap, in that case Stadia might not be for you as you'll hit that cap easily.


Google does not yet have a STREAMING DEVICE that can properly run Stadia, & stuff installed on other devices can hinder your performance though you have the best internet connection in the world. You can remove them, but we are not all tech savy nor should we be they need to get that done along with Luna, Nvidia, Sony & Xbox . 

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@Smurf Just signed up and had a whirl, two months free trial then £8.99 a month which can be cancelled at anytime. Really surprised how easy the whole thing was, I used my Microsoft Surface and p


So it is just like PS+, Xbox Live, etc. Makes more sense then because giving everything for free seemed excessive for any company, lol. I still avoid expensive gamel. It means I don't play them w


wow! allthough it feels like selling my soul to Google..... take it Google, take it!


P.S. What about the presentation screen behind them, it's huuuuuuuuuuge.....

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Google Stadia is literally a Multi Domain Marketing Weapon's System. I have been trying to write this post in detail longer than I would like to admit without it being long winded, but that's impossible, then again you guys aren't idiots either so you'll probably just  be co-signing with ease.

I'll say this though, with Google providing auto VPN for this right out the gate and having nodes across the world that drastically reduces lag & latency. They might have unknowing provided free/ hidden data from your local to a point as isp always trottling your speed if you use a certain amount of data. But if your on a Android 7.12 with a certain NET Share plus a VPN app that you would have to pay a monthly fee for. If only it would .....ah fuse the phone data & hot spot data on a rooted device and remove speed, data trottling & data caps the world would be a wonderful place. ? Add hawk as a background picture to devices I deem fit, I mean having the right settings is key. ???


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SO is this the next evolution in gaming? 

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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On 3/20/2019 at 11:21 AM, Hatch said:

SO is this the next evolution in gaming? 

Yes it is. Cloud gaming is the future, a future based on subscriptions & effective microtransactions with it's ethos.  Google & Microsoft have the infrastructure to support it currently. Stadia for Google & X Cloud for Microsoft. Microsoft is waiting to see what Stadia fee's & services look like when the Founder's Edit launches Nov 19, 2019 while Playstation meet with Microsoft to edge out a memorandum of understanding seeing the don't have a cloud infrastructure & possibly use X Cloud services in the future from MS. 'Maybe MS use the carrot & stick approach that now Sony bend the knee to supports crossplay.'



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I imagine cloud gaming will at some point dominate the future of gaming, but as someone living in a country that has literally spent billions on infamously flawed broadband infrastructure, I hope it takes as long as possible to catch on.

Everyone here that's gamed with us Aussies in the past knows about the Aussie internet issues, and it's not entirely down to our proximity to everyone else. If games start to become cloud dependent then the improvements we've had over the last few years with our NBN will pretty much be negated and we'll be back to the laggy crap we had before.

I'm hopeful, but I know Australia accounts for little of the gaming market, so it's likely we'll be back to our laggy ways pretty soon.

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Stadia Funder's Edition pros and con$


just as it is with the consoles the license agreement is no different here.


At launch the controller will only work wirelessly with the Chromecast Ultra.

While using the pro subscriptition discounts, it will only break even if the discount is 14.3% or higher so if you are a founder owner use that 3 months subscription to buy the games you want at a 14.3% head start.

Negative Latency will uses AI to predict your moves & do them automatically when there is lag. 'Sounds like lazy cheating to me I say give it time.'

No Bluetooth on the Chromecast Ultra.

No mention of a party chat.

No cloud exclusive games at launch.

If your ISP comes with a monthly data cap it will eat through your data, its no different from a console game dlc, online gameplay or internet browsing on your respective consoles.

40+ Google projects canned when it was clear the products would not be profitable in the future, plus there is no gaming legacy like the various consoles we have some trust in.

There will be latency, Stadia glitch during the presentation twice as far as I could see. Latency Leeds to input lag on the screen in milliseconds.

Old game titles selling for $60 at launch.

No controller battery capacity details



Late stage reproduction

you can play the game for 2 hrs up to 14 days after purchasing to ask for a refund.

Game input speed will be higher than 60hz refresh rate, up to 120hz to mitigate latency.

Games will be cross play ready across all current gaming platform.

The wireless controller will be the quickest low latency way to connect to their servers. ?

7500+ Edge node across the world in the supported countries.

No more in game modders & hackers.

Don't need to buy a hard drive, external enclosure or delete a game to free up space.

No more dlc updates to download, but there will be down time for when they actually update the games on their servers.

Upgradable hardware can be added to the Google servers at any time. 'They might make their systems to be above the PS5 console when it launches next year. They mentioned the possibility of adding AI chips.

Servers can handle hundreds of players in a game.

Banwidth work in progress for playing in 1080p wad brought down to 15mb of use, but not in all scenarios so officially it's still 25MB.

Developers claim they can do a lot more with the platform when creating games.

Bluetooth controllers will be compatible, whether wired or wirelessly is still ambiguous but on other devices not the Chromecast Ultra.

Keyboard & mouse support on other devices.

No more buying a $20 PSN card to pay for a $11.99 game.

No more for example, adding a credit/ debit card to psn, but then finding out you need to add a PayPal as well. That's ridiculous. 

It would save me USD$18 monthly on the electricity bill vs having a console loudly running.

One less expensive item to be fried by a current spike during a thunderstorm. ?

I don't have to open it up to clean it or replace the thermal solution years later.





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Only time will tell. Plenty of hot evolutions were supposed to be the “future” as well. Look how they ended. Motion controls, VR, etc. I will be skipping this because I play a total of 2 multiplayer games so lag, mods, etc aren’t an issue for me. Of course I’m about as casual a gamer as they get. 

This won’t be a viable option/future for lots of people without lots of upgrades to net access. Contrary to popular belief a lot of folks here in the US only have access to limited/terrible connections. Others have zero options. 

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After examining the policy, I would suggest creating a new Google account & never using YouTube in any way shape or form on it, because you could get banned indefinitely. Seems kind of rigid to me & with YouTube wild algorithm you might lose it ramdomly and the policy will be against you.

If you preorder a game you can get a refund up until the release date, after that a refund doesn't exist, whether you played the game or not.

And forget about sharing the account with a family member or friend, that is against their policy, you could get banned whether it happened 10 years ago, yesterday or today basically, they reserve the right to execute a account termination at any point in time. I suspect that, that might be the working of game publishers as a requirement to create games for the Stadia platform.

A termination could be applicable if you create a video with someone's copyrighted content. And that is where I think the algorithm changes they make over time will probably get you at some point if your  ot careful.

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@DavidCore89 Well seeing that it's a founders edition you could possibly sell it online for a $1000. 

I wanted to pre-order one, not sure if it would work here though seeing that it is launching in only 14 countries. But the person who would be carrying it is already here on holiday and would be leaving right before the launch date.? I really just want the controller, if I could choose a Android box and it works with service then great,  I'll know exactly what to pick instead of using their $h!++y little Chromecast Ultra. Then Google themselves are not opposed  1/3  part companies to create controllers for this. So maybe I should just wait.

Anyways Steam Connect won't even be working so no multiplayer, nor will there be 4K on day 1, these should be available by the end of the year so to me it's a beta launch/ test.

Next year when the standard edition is implemented is when I would consider it a launch but that might be a day late & a dollar short. I wanted it to succeed, competition drives the prices down or at least keep it flat for longer.

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41 minutes ago, Smurf said:

@Sinister I dont get it, why do they limit the internet in the U.S? It dont make sense to me plus the Stadia is lacking right now, new ps5 info looks really promising.

The US basically has regional monopolies for internet providers. Most areas only have one choice for internet, so if they put a cap on it there’s nothing you can do about it.

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On 11/15/2019 at 9:06 PM, Smurf said:

? I really just want the controller, if I could choose a Android box and it works with service then great,  I'll know exactly what to pick instead of using their $h!++y little Chromecast Ultra.

The Chromecast Ultra is overheating and dying for some users??‍? But in other News, Bezos of Amazon decided to join the cloud gaming /console wars and is putting a team together to develope a gaming platform of his own. 

@LimeGreenLegend That's sad man. Whether it is a Regional Monopoly or an oligarchy, the government should have policies in place so that when a company is not meating the needs of the people, that opens the door to a next one that can proves it is experienced and can full the gap or even denying the licensing of the non performing provider. 

There should be a Council to deal with such matters, that leads to whether there needs to be a referendum if improvements are not made. If the government can't find a suitable private company or companies then maybe they should.

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The country is definitely ran by monopolies spread across various areas. Many of them are owned by Disney and NBC. Folks don't care though as long as they get plenty of reality shows and comic book movies to entertain them. 

That said I'm not sure about how many folks have limited internet. Folks that live in rural areas and such don't have the same choices as "city" folks. Many are stuck with Satellite service that can be very expensive and normally comes in different tiers. 

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Signed up for the Stadia Pro to get all previous Pro monthly games, and the next 2 months Pro subscription free, but it did not want to remove my cards info so make sure you set google pay as the primary payment method. Hopefully 

I was ready to launch Destiny 2 only to get hit with a .........

'Game not available
You might be in a country where the game publisher has restricted availability. See game details for more info. If you bought this game and want a refund, go to your settings and select Purchases.'

Yup they have things together over there at Google. 

The same result for all 8 available Pro subscription games. Guess ill just fire up Nvidia Geforce Now, as it feels no different than playing on the ps4 IMO and looks better in some games, I have to say though that some games queue time might be a turn off in some games on the Now they definitely need more cloud PC's.

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I heard Stadia is currently free for 2 months...

Does this mean we can log in and play on any device for free?

Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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4 hours ago, JuniorChubb said:

I heard Stadia is currently free for 2 months...

Does this mean we can log in and play on any device for free?

That's a loaded question, but firstly let me deal with my simple work around for persons living outside the 14 countries that Stadia operates in, those 'game not available in your country issue people.'

I solved that problem by adding Browsec from the Chrome Extension & using it as a free reliable VPN.There are alot of free & monthly charged VPN out there that does not meet the minimum bandwidth requirements Stadia needs to operate. Save yourself the trouble & install Browsec & set the available non premium location as close to you as possible.

'Stadia Pro' is free for 2 months. This works on Windows PC, tablets and for other sellect Google branded devices as far as I know, and then there is the controller situation whether be it wired or wireless you might have issue there if done incorrectly. If you're adding the controller wirelessly you do not want to do it directly through the device Bluetooth, as it cause driver issues from time to time, it's a general issue with mouse & keyboards ..... you would use the Add Device option in Control Panel for smooth sailing. Just hold down the share & ps button to pair,  until the flashing light show.

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