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46 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

Before making my choice, what version would you want to be reviewed? Is it the theatrical cut or the most recent available cut of the film?

Probably the theatrical cut, but if another version is widely available go for that.

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The winning film for February has been chosen... Our first western in over two years, @djw180 and @omarcomin71's selection of Once Upon a Time in the West.  

And the winning genre for April is... chosen by @omarcomin71. So come nominate your films that deal with revenge, payback, retribution, whatever you want to call it. My pick is Ol

@zmurko @Squirrel I was just coming here to say we should do Connery films as an extra alongside the regular selection as a tribute, so no need to change your votes, it's gonna happen.

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As for my nomination, I’m gonna go with Badlands.

The winning film will be drawn on Saturday. 

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I’ve decided on my choice. 

Apocalypse Now. It’s an absolute classic and has featured in one of my old GTA vids. I’ll be watching the 4k Final Cut although the story doesn’t change too much from the theatrical and Redux versions. 


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Damn I’m not sure how I missed out this month. Appreciate the reminder. 

+1 on Once Upon A Time In The West. Great old time western!
Plenty of memories watching this with my grandpa. And I’m an old 49 year old. I need to refresh those memories. 🙂

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